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Tailored Solutions for Mental Wellness

Everything Must Change Behavioral Health team is equipped to address co-occurring mental health conditions, including substance abuse, through our mental health services in Philadelphia, PA. We strive to provide a warm and accepting environment that includes the opportunity for inclusion, mental health wellness, recovery from substance abuse, and the opportunity for personal choice, growth, and development through the continuum of service, which includes residential, case management, and community resource coordination.

We Provide the Following Services

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We provide personalized support and tools for your mental health journey.

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Find support, connection, and shared growth in our therapeutic group.

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Strengthen your relationship with your partner.

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Family Therapy

Foster understanding and harmony within your family dynamic

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Supportive Housing

Experience stability and a nurturing environment.

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Transitional Housing

Ensuring a safe, nurturing space where residents receive personalized assistance

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Community Residential Rehabilitation (CRR)

Rebuild your life in a supportive community setting focused on rehabilitation and independence.

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Providing strategies for responsible alcohol use and safe driving practices

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Intensive Outpatient

Receive comprehensive and compassionate treatment and support.

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Flexible and personalized care to support your mental health and recovery

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Substance Abuse Treatment

Gain tools and guidance to overcome substance abuse challenges.

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Mental Health Treatment

Compassionate care and evidence-based therapies tailored to your mental health needs.

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Art and Music Therapy

Explore creative expression as a pathway to healing and self-discovery.

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Re-Entry Program

Receive guidance and resources for a successful transition back into the community.

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For more information about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us.