Rebuild your life in a supportive community setting focused on rehabilitation and independence.

Supervised Apartments

Supervised apartments offer more independence and privacy than group homes for individuals. These settings provide supervised staffed apartments offering independence and privacy combined with 24-hour staff availability. We provide permanent housing arrangements to Individuals who are assisted in gaining or regaining the skills necessary to be successful.

Group Housing

The group home provides a family-like environment, with double occupancy bedrooms, shared living spaces, and group meals. Through a caring environment, individuals can learn daily living skills. We provide supervision with 24-hour staff availability. This setting offers temporary housing arrangements to individuals who are assisted in gaining or regaining the skills necessary to be successful while attending clinical services.

Benefits of Supportive/Group Homes

  • 24/7 Supervision
  • Safety and Security
  • Mental health/ Medical supports
  • Medication Management
  • Social Activities and Engagement
  • Comfortable, home-like setting
  • Nutrition and Dining Options
  • Peace of Mind

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