Providing strategies for responsible alcohol use and safe driving practices

We evaluate and educate offenders as they go through the legal system with the goal of helping those drivers avoid continued recidivism. Our Court Reporting Network (CRN) assessment process works within court-mandated fee structures to provide efficient and thorough client assessment for court review, in addition to integrated, private, and secure 24/7 access for court officers.

Program Overview

Our DUI school model and credentialed facilitators foster a driver’s understanding of legal and moral responsibility in a positive, non-judgmental environment. The DUI program elicits drivers’ comprehension and acceptance of their responsibility to stay sober and provides useful tools for relapse prevention. Attendance at the victim’s impact panel offers exposure to those whose lives have been forever changed by impaired drivers.


Evaluations are available by appointment with a trained clinician to determine what program will be most helpful to first-time and chronic offenders.

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