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Darrell Robinson,

CEO Founder

“Everything Must Change” recovery program has existed for 20 years. Darrell Robinson a native of Baltimore Maryland came to Philadelphia, 23 years ago, as a man seeking recovery. His heart to serve God and all of God’s children gave him the platform that became the genesis of “Everything Must Change.”

Shirelle Robinson,

President Co-Founder

Is a native Philadelphian Community activist, Evangelist, Life-Coach, and business owner. Since 1984 she has been active throughout the Philadelphia communities as a volunteer for non-profit, building construction, office management, and emergency human services corporations.

Mission Statement

Everything Must Change Recovery System is strongly committed to the program's philosophy of saving the lives of the "sick & suffering addict." Since the program's inception, the program has made an impact on the medically-assisted client population. The service delivery challenges with this population's relapse history have overshadowed the successful accomplishments of those who achieved drug-free maintenance.


"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.."

Mahatma Gandhi

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