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Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the trusted choice of individuals struggling with mental health challenges and substance abuse disorders, assisting them in their mental wellness and recovery journey.

Our Mission Statement

Is to provide you and your family with the best treatment plan for lasting recovery. Using proven clinical techniques delivered with compassion and dignity, our expert staff will equip you with the tools you need to achieve a lifetime of recovery. We combine comprehensive care—healing mind, body, and spirit—with individualized treatment programs along with the support of family and alumni services. Grouped by, our specialized, evidence-based treatment programs are designed to support you in a comfortable, supportive, and understanding environment.

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Who We Are

Everything Must Change provides leading, specialized treatment for mental health and co-occurring addiction disorders. We know that when it comes to effectively treating addiction, it's critical to also identify and treat mental health issues such as OCD and anxiety, or depression and other mood disorders, at the same time.Our team of seasoned professionals is designed to reunite you with your former values, hopes, dreams, and potential. To help you break free from the torment of the roller-coaster of addiction, we offer relapse prevention tools and behavioral health services in Philadelphia, PA.